Outlook: Adding Location Information to an Appointment's Subject


My PDA-synchronization software doesn't properly handle Outlook appointments' Location field. Can I use Outlook Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) code to append the location to the Subject field when I save appointments?

Yes. Listing 1 shows some simple code that you can add to the built-in ThisOutlookSession module in Outlook 2002 VBA or Outlook 2000 VBA. The Application_Startup procedure initializes a colCalendar variable that represents the items in the Calendar folder. The colCalendar_ItemAdd and colCalendar_ItemChange procedures are event handlers that run whenever you create or modify an item in the Calendar folder.

Both these procedures call AddLocation, which does the real work. AddLocation determines whether the Location text is already included in the appointment's Subject and, if not, adds that text and resaves the item.

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