Outlook: Adding Elements to Outlook Signatures

We use Microsoft Word as our email editor (i.e., WordMail) with Outlook 2000. How can we add a business card and logo to our signature?

Microsoft Office 2000 uses AutoText entries for the email signature in WordMail. Any AutoText entry that you mark with the style called E-mail Signature will become an email signature. To create a WordMail signature that includes a picture such as a logo, perform the following steps:

  1. In a new Word document, create the signature you want to use. Click Insert, Picture to add a logo.
  2. Select the entire signature, click Format, Styles, then apply the E-mail Signature style.
  3. Format the text to your liking.
  4. Select the entire signature again, then click Insert, AutoText.

Your signature should now appear on the WordMail signatures list. Outlook stores these signatures in Word's normal.dot template file.

You can't use this technique to attach a vCard. Personally, I find logos in signatures annoying because they increase the message size without adding any significant value to the recipient. Receiving a vCard attached to every message from a particular correspondent is even more annoying.

Outlook 2003 and Outlook 2002 make the process of creating signatures for WordMail easier because you no longer have separate signatures for the built-in Outlook editor and WordMail. Both editors use the same signature files*stored as .rtf, .htm, and .txt files for each message format*and you can edit them directly in the appropriate program (e.g., use Word for .rtf signatures).

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