New & Improved - 30 Jan 2006

Protect Your Identity and Defend Against Spyware
Agnitum, a security-and privacy-software company, announced Outpost Firewall Pro 3.0, which adds an integrated antispyware component to Outpost's existing firewall protection. The antispyware monitors your running programs, detects and removes spyware from storage devices, blocks unauthorized transmission of user information (ID block), and automatically updates spyware signatures. Users of Outpost 3.0 will also see improvements in ease of use and reinforcement of the base firewall. Single licenses start at $39.95., 209-572-3774

Do You Know Where Your Employees Are?
CyberMatrix has released version 1.00 of CyberMatrix Employee Scheduler, a single-or multi-user application for creating and managing employee schedules. Employee Scheduler generates optimal schedules by using employee categories, availability, and scheduling priority. Scheduling-exception features let you modify schedules according to holidays and leave and sick days. You can use Employee Scheduler's comma-separated value (CSV) import/export feature to exchange scheduling data with other programs. Employee Scheduler starts at $100 for a single license with multiseat and site licensing available., 403-258-0585, 888-664-0383

Product Spotlight
Unified Threat Management with Dual Virus Scanning, 781-345-5000, 877-427-8276
Astaro announced the release of Astaro Security Gateway 6.1, a Unified Threat Management (UTM) software product that provides virus, spam, and phishing protection. Astaro Security Gateway 6.1 is the first UTM solution to offer dual virus scanning (i.e., it uses two virus-scanning engines). Astaro also announced the Astaro Security Gateway 425 appliance, which includes the Astaro Security Gateway 6.1 software and a hardware acceleration card to improve virus-scanning performance.

Astaro Security Gateway 6.1's dual virus scanning enhances security by increasing the number of viruses detected by their signature; providing a wider range of virus-testing methods, to detect virus variations unidentifiable with a signature; and providing virus updates from two sources. Astaro Security Gateway 6.1 chose Kaspersky Lab's ( virus scanner and the newly introduced Clam AntiVirus (ClamAV— scanner because of their individual strengths. Jan Hichert, CEO of Astaro, cites the Kaspersky product as being one of the fastest to respond and detect viruses and says that ClamAV is a leading open-source antivirus scanner, especially mature in detecting email threats.

In addition to addressing customers' demands for dual scanners, Astaro's Security Gateway product has addressed SMBs' needs for ease of UTM deployment. According to Hichert, "A dissatisfaction with entry-level security products was the reason the company was founded. In real life, network administrators are busy managing multiple tasks within the IT department. Using Astaro's graphical interface, a single administrator can easily deploy and manage a comprehensive network-security infrastructure within 30 minutes." Astaro Security Gateway 6.1 pricing starts at $330 for a 10-user license; pricing for the Astaro Security Gateway 425 appliance starts at $695.

Back Up 64-Bit Windows
Lockstep Systems announced that its disk-based backup software, Backup for Workgroups, now supports Windows 64-bit editions, including Windows XP Professional x64 Edition and all editions of Windows Server 2003. Backup for Workgroups' ability to support both 32- and 64-bit versions of Windows lets the product grow along with companies as they begin moving from 32-bit to 64-bit Windows. Competitive pricing, fast backup times, and easy data-recovery features are designed especially for small-to-midsized businesses (SMBs). Backup for Workgroups is sold on a per-client basis, and pricing starts at $99 per client with quantity discounts available., 480-596-9432, 877-932-3497

Managing Attachments in an Email Archive
C2C Systems released Archive One Policy 4.2, software that's geared toward creating and enforcing organization-specific archiving policies while integrating with the company's storage strategy. Archive One Policy 4.2 is an email-control, -retention and -retrieval module upgrade that focuses on email attachments. Archiving forwarded and replied-to email messages with the same attachment can lead to storage inefficiencies. Archive One Policy 4.2's new Single Instance Storage Plus (SIS Plus) feature identifies and stores unique email attachments instead of multiple instances of the same attachment. Additional features of Archive One Policy 4.2 include an integration framework for third-party applications, additional administrator levels, enhanced deletion staging, XML reports, and archival of IM and Really Simple Syndication (RSS) feeds., 413-739-8575

Mailbox Recovery with Ontrack PowerControls
Ontrack Data Recovery introduced Ontrack PowerControls 4.0, the newest version of its mailbox-recovery software, which offers expanded searching and reporting capabilities and new ExtractWizard support for CommVault Galaxy and UltraBac Software's UltraBac. PowerControls 4.0 searches for user-defined keywords in text in attachments and in the email subject line and body. PowerControls 4.0 provides statistical analysis of any combination of data stores offline from the server and lets you create data-store reports from the analysis. With the addition of ExtractWizard agents for Galaxy and UltraBac, PowerControls supports nine different backup formats. Pricing for PowerControls 4.0 begins at $100 for 100 mailboxes., 952-937-5161, 800-872-2599

Real-Time Monitoring of Bandwidth Utilization
Neon Software announced the release of CyberGauge 6.5, bandwidth-monitoring software that provides real-time utilization graphs and Quality of Service (QoS) and billing reports. CyberGauge 6.5 has an expanded alert system and new audit-logging features. The software sends real-time monitoring alerts when network traffic exceeds predefined limits, a device is offline, or the data-transfer rate exceeds established levels. Significant events such as outages, bandwidth utilization, and throughput alerts are recorded in an event log. CyberGauge works with any SNMP-enabled device, including routers, gateways, NAS, servers, and printers. Pricing starts at $99., 925-283-9771, 800-334-6366

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