New Email Client Has Synch-to-Palm Functionality

Stata Laboratories announced yesterday the availability of Bloomba Professional, an email client that might be the right fit for your home office. Bloomba Professional is a new version of Stata Laboratories' email client for small-to-medium-sized businesses.

Bloomba Professional has two features that you're likely to love: synch-to-Palm functionality, which lets you synchronize calendar and contact information to Palm Powered handhelds, and shared calendaring for group scheduling needs. The email platform, whose claim to fame is its variety of search capabilities, lets you save your searches, a nifty tool if you have a specific way of searching that works for you. The new product also has features that other Bloomba email clients offer, including one-click searches and calendar searches. Bloomba Professional Edition, which does, thank goodness, include a spam filter, is available for $89.99. Bloomba Personal users can upgrade to Bloomba Professional at no additional charge.

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