For More Information - 01 Oct 1999

The following Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) Requests for Comments (RFCs— detail the standards in several areas that relate to UCE control:

  • RFC 821—Simple Mail Transfer Protocol
  • RFC 1035—Domain Names—Implementation and Specification
  • RFC 1123—Requirements for Internet Hosts—Application and Support
  • RFC 2505—Anti-SPAM Recommendations for SMTP MTAs

The following Microsoft articles provide further information about UCE and reverse lookups:

  • "XFOR: Preventing the IMS from Relaying UCE Messages" ( support/kb/articles/q193/9/22.asp)
  • "XFOR: Restricting Routing in the Internet Mail Service" ( support/kb/articles/q196/6/26.asp)
  • "XIMS: How To Stop Spam Mail Messages from Using IMS Relay Agent" ( q199/6/56.asp)
  • "How to Configure a Subnetted Reverse Lookup Zone on Windows NT" ( support/kb/articles/ q174/4/19.asp)

For information about DNS and setting up reverse zones, I highly recommend Paul Albitz and Cricket Liu's DNS and BIND (O'Reilly & Associates, 1998). Although the book covers primarily the UNIX-based DNS server BIND, it's an essential resource for understanding the underpinnings of DNS, especially for the migration to Windows 2000 (Win2K).

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