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Microsoft Office Communications Server Renamed "Lync"

The blogosphere has (unofficially) leaked that Microsoft Office Communications Server (OCS) will be renamed Lync. OCS is made of two products—Microsoft Live Meeting, a web conferencing and live meeting solution, and Office Communicator, an instant messaging and VoIP solution (for most users, a glorified AOL Instant Messenger).

Whatever its name is, the next version of OCS will offer a number of new features, according to a Microsoft blog:

  • Live Meeting will be rolled into Communicator as one product
  • Individuals without Communicator installed will be able to join conferences through a Silverlight-based web client
  • All features in OCS 14 will be optimized to work with users in the cloud or on premises
  • Will support virtualization for all server roles in OCS 14 
  • And more—read the full details here.

But Lync, huh? Doesn't Microsoft already have an offering by that name—called LINQ? 

What do you think of the name? Is it cool, does it fit? Or does it just give you a sudden hankering to play Legend of Zelda? ( Watch the hilarious original TV commercial for the game and take a stroll down memory lane.)

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