Mail Server Administration Utility - 14 Sep 2004

You hate spam--you really, really hate spam! The surprise winner of this year's Best Mail Server Administration Utility was Sunbelt Software's iHateSpam for Exchange. iHateSpam took 33.5 percent of the votes in this category, passing by more traditional administration tools such as BindView's bv-Control for Microsoft Exchange and Red Earth Software's Policy Patrol Enterprise (which grabbed its runner-up slot from Sherpa Software's Mail Attender for Exchange Enterprise Edition by only one vote).

iHateSpam, which won last year's Best Antispam Tool award and was a runner-up as this year's best server-side antispam product, might seem an odd choice for an administration utility. Presumably, though, so many readers picked iHateSpam as the winner in this field because spam has become your number-one administrative headache. If that's the case, this product, which one reader told us "has saved our users time and eliminated the storage requirements for all the spam email we used to receive," is good medicine.

Sunbelt Software
727-562-0101 or 888-688-8457
2nd Place — bv-Control for Microsoft Exchange
3rd Place — Policy Patrol Enterprise
Red Earth Software
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