Kerio Connect 7 Eases Collaboration and Management

Kerio Technologies has just released the latest version of its mail server, Kerio Connect 7. The company has changed the name from Kerio MailServer with this release, which adds features that ease collaboration and management.

"As the product has shifted from being a traditional email server into the area of collaboration, we feel the existing name no longer accurately represents what the product promises to do," said Dusan Vitek, vice president of worldwide marketing for Kerio Technologies. "The new name, Kerio Connect, aims to communicate what users of messaging and collaboration servers do—they connect with their colleagues, they connect from the road, they connect to develop new ideas. They simply connect."

Kerio Connect 7's big new feature is the ability to link standalone servers into a single distributed domain system. This gives you the ability to share presence information, user groups, Global Address List, and shared resources across geographically dispersed locations. With this upgrade, the company expects its mail server to move firmly into the midsized market, serving companies with multiple offices.

Further enhancing these abilities is the new web-based Administration Console, pictured below, which lets administrators remotely manage Kerio Connect 7 from most browsers. Also new to the latest edition is CardDav, a new open source protocol for syncing contact lists. Kerio Connect 7, like the previous editions, runs on Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X, and it's available even available as a VMware or Parallels Virtual Appliance. For pricing and other information, visit Kerio Technologies' website.

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