Importing a Junk Mail List Into Outlook 2003

Is there a way to back up the junk mail list from Outlook 2000 and import it into Microsoft Office Outlook 2003? I have a user who gets hundreds of junk mail messages a day. He’s been adding the senders to his junk mail list, which now has hundreds of entries. We’re about to upgrade him to Outlook 2003, but I can’t find an option to export this list.

The junk mail lists in Outlook 2000 are just text files—junk senders.txt and adult senders.txt—in the C:\documents and settings\username\applicationdata\microsoft\outlook folder, so there’s no need to export them to some other format. To import those files into Outlook 2003, click Tools, Options, Junk E-mail; click the Blocked Senders tab; then click the Import from File button.

You can automatically import the Outlook 2000 junk mail list by setting a few registry values, as explained in the Windows IT Pro Web-exclusive article “Deploying Junk Mail Filter Lists in Outlook 2003,” February 2005, InstantDoc ID 45563. You can use a logon script or any other mechanism that you typically employ to set user-preference registry values on the client. Table 1 lists the registry values that you need to set, all of which are in the HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Policies\Microsoft\Office\11.0\Outlook\Options\Mail subkey. Note that the registry setting for the path to the list you want to import uses an expandable string registry value, so that you can use the %USERPROFILE% environment variable rather than typing the user’s logon name.

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