How to Make Icons Large in Outlook 2007

I received a call from a Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 user who claimed that even though he didn’t make any changes, the icons in his Outlook 2007 toolbar were suddenly really big. Without research, I didn’t know how to make icons really big; but I assumed that an accessibility setting must be involved.

When I checked the user’s workstation, the Outlook 2007 toolbar had large icons as shown in Figure 1. Normal (or default) size icons appear as shown in Figure 2. At this point I realized that this was a toolbar preference setting. If you navigate to View, Toolbar, Customization you’ll open a Customize window. Click the Options tab, and you’ll see the Large Icons option, as shown in Figure 3. Select this option to make the icons in the toolbar appear larger. The change is immediate. This is an easy change for users who have difficulty reading small objects on the screen. Using larger icons might also help those who use a high monitor resolution such as 1920 x 1200.

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