How can I configure my mail client to use the Windows Server 2003 POP3 and SMTP services?

A. No special configuration is required to use Windows 2003's POP3 and SMTP services--you should configure your POP3 client as you typically would, then simply enter your POP3 username and domain account or local account password, depending on your configuration. Windows 2003 uses the machine address for the POP3 and SMTP server name, as this figure shows. So, if you configured the POP3 server for Outlook Express to "Require Secure Password Authentication (SPA) for all client connections," you'd select the "Log on using Secure Password Authentication" check box (the wording for this option varies on different Microsoft email clients). Because POP3 authentication details are typically sent as clear text across the network, enabling SPA will encrypt these details across the network.

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