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Happy New Year, and welcome to Exchange & Outlook Pro VIP! The Exchange & Outlook Administrator print newsletter has morphed into the online Exchange & Outlook Pro VIP. We'll still bring you the same great content, but now it will be on the Web at the subscribers-only Exchange & Outlook Pro VIP site.

Special Delivery
As part of your Exchange & Outlook Pro VIP subscription, you'll get an email newsletter the first Tuesday of each month, letting you know about the articles for that month. Beginning in February, the email newsletter will have an attachment that contains the previous month's articles in PDF format so that you can easily read and print them. So if you'd rather read January's Exchange & Outlook Pro VIP articles in hard copy than online, you just need to wait for your February 6 email newsletter.

If you've signed up for email or RSS notification, you'll get a notice each Tuesday (except on the fifth Tuesday of a month) that has a link to an article that's newly live on the Web site. Otherwise, you can visit the Exchange & Outlook Pro VIP site at your leisure to see what's new. I hope you'll visit often—to read a new article, research a topic in our archive of Exchange and Outlook articles, ask a question, or participate in the subscribers-only forum.

Coming Up This Month
This month's articles include a mix with something for everyone, whether you're an early adopter and are ready to roll out Exchange Server 2007 into a production environment, are taking the first steps toward Exchange and Outlook migration, or are looking for ways to extend the life of your Exchange Server 2003 system. Live today on the Exchange & Outlook Pro VIP site, you'll find Paul Robichaux's Message Hygiene Features for Exchange Server 2007—the first of many articles we've planned for this year to introduce you to Exchange 2007's new features and show you how to use them.

Ensuring continuity of your current Exchange system might be more on your mind than moving to the new generation of Exchange, though. Look for an article later this month by Exchange pro Eric Rux that describes his quick-thinking, budget-friendly solution to an Exchange 2003 disaster recovery challenge, using virtualization.

What Are Your Messaging Challenges?
What challenges are you facing as 2007 dawns? Trying to stay on top of message retention for compliance? Contemplating the transition from the familiar Exchange System Manager to a new console and command interface? Or just dealing with your everyday nuts-and-bolts troubleshooting of Exchange and Outlook glitches? Email me and let me know.

—Anne Grubb, Exchange & Outlook Pro VIP Editor

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