Fun all round with the UC Architects at Exchange Connections

Fun all round with the UC Architects at Exchange Connections

Continuing my posts previewing sessions at next week's Exchange Connections conference, I think that the live UC Architects broadcast will be a highlight of the event (at Wednesday, 2pm). Anyone who has listened to one of their regular podcasts will know that the UC Architects are not slow at coming forward. In fact, even their best friends would call them opinionated so you can be guaranteed some fun and insightful commentary at this session.

Amongst the topics that I think will receive an airing are:

  • The quality problems that continue to afflict Microsoft
  • The future of on-premises server applications – are we being pushed to the cloud?
  • The termination of the Microsoft Certified Master accreditation
  • News and views about Lync and Exchange
  • What might be coming in the next updates for Lync and Exchange

Good interaction with the audience always enhances this kind of panel session, so it would be great to come along with some tough questions for the UC Architects to debate. They will have some guests along too and I imagine that those guests will be a ripe target for questions too. Heckling is positively encouraged, except when Steve Goodman is speaking because he is a tender soul.

I will definitely be along for this session. The nice people at Microsoft Press have provided me with five copies of my new book, Microsoft Exchange Server 2013 Inside Out: Mailbox and High Availability, which we will give away, probably as prizes for those who ask the best questions. Or for some other good reason, such as the best heckler. You never know...

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