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Friday Fun from a Smartphone Addict

It's true: I have an addictive personality. That is, I'm easily addicted; people aren't addicted by me. (If anything, they're put off by me, but we won't go there.) And shiny bits of new technology have always been something I've craved. (I usually haven't been able to afford them, but that's another place we won't go.) So it's no surprise that once I started using a smartphone, I'd give in to it utterly. (I'll just say it's a good thing I've never had a strong taste for alcohol or I'd really be in trouble.)

My Motorola Droid smartphone has lead me into the Twitterverse, where I'm happily tweeting away daily. Collected below are a few of my tweets, or retweets, on the theme of smart phone addiction—with occasional commentary!

Repeat after me: I will not use Droid navigation for driving when I already know where I'm going. #SmartphoneAddict

Repeat after me: I will not update Facebook on my Droid while attempting to cook breakfast. #SmartphoneAddict
            [Actually did this while camping. Not a good idea. It's hard enough to cook pancakes on the uneven heat of a Coleman stove without dividing your attention.]

I will not waste endless hours searching for clues to win a free smartphone. I'm looking at you Droid R2D2. @DroidLanding #SmartphoneAddict

Saw a woman pecking a message on a physical keyboard of some tiny pink monstrosity. Wanted to yell, Hey, get a real phone! #SmartphoneAddict
            [Saw this while stopped at a red light and she was in the car next to me. I waited till I was not driving before I tweeted. Safety first.]

Repeat after me: I will not use my mobile device to respond to email while I'm sitting at the computer! #SmartphoneAddict
            [However, tweeting on a mobile device while at the computer is the standard. For me.]

Repeat after me: I will not spend all day--again--reading about Windows Phone 7. #WP7 #SmartphoneAddict

RT @edbott: RT @ceoSteveJobs: If the glass on your iPhone cracked, you're dropping it the wrong way. #SmartphoneAddict

I will not detour to check for a blinking light on my smartphone on my way to the bathroom at 2 a.m. #SmartphoneAddict

I will not ask everyone I know how they like their smartphone. Oh, wait a minute, yes I will. #SmartphoneAddict

Repeat after me: I will not play Angry Birds till 1 a.m. on a school night--I mean, a work night. #SmartphoneAddict

RT @bschorr: "I know him from I don't really know him." >>Yup, sounds like a #SmartphoneAddict.

Repeat after me: I will not try to impress my cat with all the things my smartphone can do. #SmartphoneAddict
            [It doesn't matter how intelligent the cat is, they're not going to be interested in GPS or searching by voice.]

Got an email that someone found a Nokia cell phone in the building. Didn't know there was an archaeological dig on site. #SmartphoneAddict

That's all for today. Remember you can follow me on Twitter, @bkwins. Feel free to send me your own crazy smartphone addict stories—or just tweet them yourself and let me know about it.

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