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Friday Fun: Angry Birds, Sky Apps, and Angels in the Clouds

I continue unabated and unapologetic in my smartphone addiction. I have to say, as interesting as the Windows Phone 7 platform looks, I don't want to be saved from my phone. Collected here are some of my tweets on the theme of smartphone addiction, with occasional commentary, and following these is a suggestion for Microsoft's "To the Cloud!" commercials.

I won't go to a concert and watch the whole show through my Droid screen so I don't miss a perfect photo op. #SmartphoneAddict
     [Seriously, you've all seen this, right? Half the audience with phones raised, taking pictures or video throughout the show. Can't you just enjoy the immediacy of the experience, or do you need to have some pic or vid to post to prove you were there in order to boast about it? (Granted, I've taken the odd pic at shows since getting my Droid—but all in the name of research, mind you. And if I happened to post them to Facebook, well, why shouldn't they do double duty?)]

RT @jperlow: RT @charlenecheng: Angry Birds!! Best costume ever. #SmartphoneAddict

Dressing up for Halloween as a smartphone video game is a sure sign that you have a problem. #SmartphoneAddict
     [No comment. But by all mean, view the picture.]

I will not answer or talk on the phone while in the bathroom—either at home or in public. Tweeting? No comment. #SmartphoneAddict
     [And still: No comment.]

Good morning, Mandalay! Who's ready for more #DevConnections? Glad to be among so many other #SmartphoneAddicts
     [A conference for IT professionals and developers—one of the places a smartphone addict truly need not feel alone.]

Tip: When clothes shopping with the wife, bring entertainment (i.e., a smartphone) for her many trips to the fitting room. #SmartphoneAddict

If subjected to heat great enough to melt my phone, my phone isn't what I'll be worried about. But still a #SmartphoneAddict
     [The link here is for a YouTube video called "Android, WinPho7, iPhone4... What Grills Faster?" Check it out.]

Repeat after me: I won't let my productivity device (i.e., smartphone) interfere with my productivity. #SmartphoneAddict
     [Has this happened to you? Come on, admit it. Of course, as my smartphone is my primary source for accessing Twitter, maybe it's really Twitter I should blame.]

This is not funny: Smartphones, Exchange ActiveSync, and ABQ Lists But I'm still a #SmartphoneAddict

Driving down I25 tonight, Orion simply beautiful in the east. No Google Sky Map needed. But it couldn't hurt. #SmartphoneAddict

Damn you, Angry Birds! If you'd been watching your eggs, we wouldn't be in this mess. ...So many problems with being a #SmartphoneAddict.
     [I'd finally grown tired of playing Angry Birds. And then I downloaded Angry Birds Seasonal.]

I sometimes use Google Sky Map inside my house just because I like following the pointer. I know, I'm a #SmartphoneAddict
     [How else am I going to see constellations in the southern hemisphere?]

This bit isn't really related to smartphone addiction; I hope that's OK. I recently watched season two of Flight of the Conchords on DVD. Ever since, I can't stop listening to their song "Angels," and I think it would be a great choice for Microsoft to use to promote its cloud efforts, in conjuction with their TV commercials that promote "To the Cloud!" for regular people. After all, Microsoft claims to be "all in" with its cloud strategy—what could be better than "Angels in the cloud . . . doin' it"?

All right, maybe they'd have to change a few of the lyrics here and there. But seriously, I think this could work. Below is the Conchord's video of the song; you can let me know what you think. Remember you can follow me on Twitter, @bkwins. Feel free to send me your own crazy smartphone addict stories—or just tweet them yourself and let me know about it!

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