Free online Exchange 2010 training

Paul Cunningham, a well-known member of the Exchange community from sunny Brisbane, Australia, has extended a most interesting offer to anyone who’s interested in learning about Exchange 2010. Basically, Paul wants to run an Exchange 2010 bootcamp over the Internet. The course will be free to attend and all of the content will be delivered online. For now, Paul is in the process of gathering information about training requirements so that he can understand what content needs to be developed and delivered, so if you’re interested you can go to his web site and sign up. Be sure to let Paul know of any hot points that you’d like him to cover so that these topics are included in the mix.

As a certified Microsoft trainer, Paul has a certain competence in training. He’s also written two migration guides to help people move from Exchange 2003 or Exchange 2007 to Exchange 2010. And although I have never heard Paul speak nor have been exposed to the content that he plans to deliver, the quality of the material on his web site is more than acceptable. Given the world-beating price point, this offer is something that deserves investigation if you’re attempting to get up to speed with Exchange 2010. The last report that I had indicated that some 550 people have signed up for the online boot-camp and that the first module should be released early next week.

Developing good technical training content is bloody difficult. It takes hours of patient effort and the rewards aren’t normally high. It therefore staggers me that Paul would want to offer free online training and I commend him for being so generous in sharing his knowledge.

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