FAQ: How can I import a large number of PST files created as archives into Exchange or Office 365?

A: Microsoft has released the Microsoft Exchange PST Capture tool, which consists of a number of components and is designed to find, identify the owner of, and import content into an organization's on-premises Microsoft Exchange 2010 implementation or Office 365 service. With it, mail can be imported into a primary mailbox or to an archive mailbox.

The primary component of the Microsoft Exchange PST Capture tool is the PSTCapture.msi, which consists of the capture tool primary toolset, management console, and the PST Capture Central Service, which manages the tracking of all identified PST files and their migration to Exchange.

Additionally both 32-bit and 64-bit agents are available for installation on server and workstation computers to enable discovery of PST files on server and user machines and transmit the PST files to the PST Capture server that runs the PST Capture Central Service. After the PST Capture agent has been deployed, the PST file search and capture can be centrally performed from the PST Capture Console.

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