Exchange Updates for November Held Back at the Last Second

Exchange Updates for November Held Back at the Last Second

In the advanced notification for November updates, you might have caught the verbiage stating that Exchange updates would also be available this month. But, after looking through the list of supplied updates, you also notice that Exchange is AWOL.

Well, rest easy. It's not your eyes, your eyeglass prescription, or the effects of long hours in the server room. The Exchange updates have been delayed until December.

The Exchange Team has posted some information on the reason for the delay, stating that they found some significant problems with the actual installer package. Instead of just unleashing the problem on the world and picking up the pieces later (as seems to have been the case in recent months), the Exchange Team has decided to fix the problem and save the updates for December's Patch Tuesday. If it had released, customers would've been hammered by corrupted OWA files that could have only been resolved if a MSI repair had been performed before the security update installed.

The Exchange Team says…

We do not believe this is acceptable behavior and is unfortunately something that customers might only discover after they install a Security Update.

As of this blog announcement, we believe the installer defect is limited to Exchange Server 2013. However, we are also evaluating previous versions of Exchange Server and are delaying the planned 2007 and 2010 releases as well to complete that investigation.

Kudos to the Exchange Team!

Source: Microsoft

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