EMS tip of the day: love it or hate it?

When you fire up a PowerShell session for the Exchange Management Shell (EMS), the banner for the new session displays a “tip of the day”. The tips are things like examples of command syntax. Some people love this kind of information, others (probably the more experienced) find it relatively uninteresting as the tips eventually run out of something new and valuable to display.

The behaviour hasn’t changed much between Exchange 2007 and Exchange 2010. But now you have a chance to give direct feedback to the Exchange documentation team to tell them how you’d like to improve the information displayed when EMS initializes. It could be as simple as an expanded set of tips, some additional pointers to web sites that contain useful information about writing scripts for Exchange (a dangerous thing as URLs have a nasty habit of becoming outdated) or perhaps some artificial intelligence that analyzes your use of EMS and suggests how you can improve your personal performance.

For example:

“Welcome to EMS: I’ve noticed that you’re not very good at scripting. Can I suggest that you buy a good PowerShell book and read it at bedtime”


“EMS welcomes you, O lord of the scripts and master of the obscure. I can tell you nothing that you don’t know.”

Everyone has a good idea from time to time. Maybe you can be the one to help EMS come to life. If you feel up to the challenge, go to David Strome’s blog and take the opportunity to reinvigorize the banner. And hopefully, if some ideas flow, EMS might just be a more interesting place in Exchange 2013.

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