Customizing Calendar Day View

One of my clients runs a call center with many part-time people who work only a few days a week. This client showed me a little trick for presenting only certain days of the week in the calendar view.

When you select the Calendar view in Office Outlook 2003 or Outlook 2007, there is by default a small calendar on the top of the Navigation Pane, which resides on the left side of the main Outlook UI. When you click a day in that small calendar, that day is then reflected in the main UI with the Day view. At this point, you can add individual, non-sequential days to the view. Hold the CTRL button down, and click other days in the small calendar in the navigation pane. You can also span different months by advancing the little calendar in the navigation pane and selecting other dates; remember to hold the CTRL key down. Outlook adds these days to the view sorted by time. Also, if you try this with multiple calendars open, all of the open calendars change to the Day view with the days you selected displayed.

This is just a local view of the calendar. Exporting the calendar to an .ics file using File, Save As does not retain this view nor does publishing the calendar to a web page. If you want to print this view and retain it, you must take a screen capture and print that instead.

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