Changing Flag Color In Contacts

I'm trying to change the color of a flag in the Contacts area of Microsoft Office Outlook 2003. The Flag for Follow Up dialog box contains a Flag color list, but it's disabled. How can I make it active?

I think this is one of those cases in which the feature hasn't been completely implemented. (My favorite example of this type of "feature" is dragging contact fields to a Tasks folder view. Even if the task has a linked contact, the dragged contact fields will be empty.)

Colored flags work only on mail items. If you display the Phone List view in the Contacts folder, the Flag column will have a drop-down list of colored flags—just like in mail folders—and Outlook will retain the flag color you choose as a property on the item. But when you open the contact, you won't see the flag color. Apparently, Microsoft simply didn't implement colored flags in the UI for an individual contact.

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