Capitalizing Surnames on Mail Merge Printouts

When I use the Tools, Mail Merge command from my Contacts folder in Microsoft Office Outlook 2003 to create file folder labels, the labels print out as "Smith, John." I'd like to capitalize just the surname, as in "SMITH, John." How can I do this?

The formatting needs to be part of the merge field code. Insert the fields from your contacts into the merge document as you typically would. Then, to see the field codes in Microsoft Word, click Tools, Options, and click the Field Codes box on the View tab. Edit the Last_Name field so that it looks like the following:

\{MERGEFIELD "Last_Name" 
 \* Upper \* MERGEFORMAT \} 

For more information about merging data from Outlook to Word, see "Performing a Mail Merge from the Contacts Folder," Exchange & Outlook Administrator, November 2005, InstantDoc ID 47697.
—Sue Mosher

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