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Microsoft discontinues Equipt

No big surprise here, but at least they're doing right by the fools that did subscribe to this service:

Microsoft recently announced that it will be offering consumers a no-cost, anti-malware-focused security solution and will discontinue Windows Live OneCare. As a result of this new offering and the discontinuation of OneCare, Microsoft Equipt, which includes a subscription to OneCare, will be discontinued after April 30, 2009.

We apologize for any inconvenience this transition may cause you. To ensure that eligible Equipt subscribers are credited for the unused portion of their subscription and will continue to have full use of Microsoft Office Home and Student 2007 after April 30, we are offering them a:

Prorated refund for unused months of their Equipt subscription.

Free copy of Office Home and Student 2007.

If you are an active Equipt subscriber who paid for a one-year subscription, please complete the Equipt Refund Request Form on the Subscriber Center to request your prorated refund of Equipt and a free copy of Office Home and Student 2007.

If you purchased Equipt in the US and have not yet installed Equipt, please request your refund through the 45-day Money Back Guarantee program.

If retail copies of Equipt are ever heavily discounted, this might be an even cheaper way to get into Office Home and Student, I guess.

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