Provide Direct Feedback for Microsoft Band and Microsoft Health

Provide Direct Feedback for Microsoft Band and Microsoft Health

Even if you’re a Microsoft Band owner or not (the NOT part seems a bit strange), Microsoft is interested in your feedback on Microsoft Band and/or the Microsoft Health app and experience.

The survey page says:

The User Experience team is continuously working with new and existing customers to improve our products and services. Whether you own a Microsoft Band or not, we are looking for feedback from our valued customers.

Please answer a few questions regarding your eligibility to participate in product research. A member from the Band & Health team will contact you with additional scheduling questions, if applicable.

Take the survey here: Survey on Microsoft Band and Microsoft Health

The survey takes less than 5 minutes if you hurry and takes you through a round of questions concerning your extent of Band usage. It seems to be a preliminary screening process to determine if a survey taker is an eligible candidate for something more - which may include visiting the Redmond campus.

Thanks to @caio_doctor for the tip!

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