Microsoft Health App Updated, Fixes Activity Sharing and Other Bugs

Microsoft Health App Updated, Fixes Activity Sharing and Other Bugs

On the eve of the rumored launch of Windows 10 Mobile, Microsoft has released another update to its Microsoft Band conduit, Microsoft Health app.

Folks testing Windows 10 Mobile as part of the Insider’s club have had non-stop issues with the Microsoft Band and their Windows 10 Mobile devices. The problem can be generally explained as a Bluetooth connection problem. There have been workarounds but none that worked for very long, or that would work across new mobile builds. Additionally, Microsoft conceded recently and recommended not using a Microsoft Band with upcoming mobile builds. I put together a PSA on the matter to supply a blanket statement in Microsoft Band Users Should Stay Away from Windows Mobile Insider Builds for a While.

However, with the full, public release of Windows 10 Mobile imminent, all Microsoft Band users should be able to partake and partake freely (finger-crossing recommended).

One thing for sure, today’s Microsoft Health app update for Windows Phone does fix the activities sharing options problem that has plagued the feature since first introduced in a February update. The new fitness sharing feature allows Band owners to publicly announce their completion of any Band-recorded activity from the mobile app. At feature launch, only the Facebook sharing worked correctly. The “More” option (shown here) would work, but not consistently. And, when it did work, it would take several times attempting to use it to get it to work.

If this round of Microsoft health updates doesn’t include the Windows 10 Mobile fixes, I’m sure they’ll come along pretty quickly after the new mobile OS is finally, publicly released. And, I also expect a new firmware update for the Microsoft Band to follow along.

Don’t read too much into the changelog for this Microsoft Health app update. It’s all just bug fixes. The list of “what’s new” in the change description is all the same as has already been delivered.

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