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How to Locate and Use the New Auto-Pause Feature for the Microsoft Band 2

How to Locate and Use the New Auto-Pause Feature for the Microsoft Band 2

Earlier, I let you know about a new Microsoft Band 2 update that is currently rolling out. In the update Microsoft is delivering some new language support, but also a fantastic piece of functionality that will be valuable to any Band customer.

Available for the Run and Bike activities, the Band 2 will now sense when you stop and then detect once you start again. The feature is called Auto Pause and gives you a hands-free way of ensuring your pace doesn’t slow to a crawl while waiting for a pedestrian crossing sign to change when running in town. When Band goes into "Pause mode" it will keep counting calories, but other metrics are suspended.

To find it and turn it on and off (its off by default), open either the Run or Bike tile, swipe left until you are on the GPS page and then swipe up to page down past the Use GPS and GPS Power Saver options.

The function works for both GPS and non-GPS Runs but only for Bike activities when they are GPS-monitored. Apparently, the Band has a tough time detecting a pause or restart if you use a stationary bike. The Auto Pause function for the Bike Tile is only available to toggle when GPS is turned on. I’ll be putting this feature through its paces over the next few days (both outside and on the treadmill) to determine how accurate it is and report back.

EXTRA: Incidentally, I’m also getting word that this firmware update is fixing a lot of recently reported problems with Notifications, Bluetooth connections (except for Windows 10 Mobile), and other miscellaneous issues. This is looking to be a must-install update.

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