Growing Concerns Over Tears in Microsoft Band 2 Skin

Growing Concerns Over Tears in Microsoft Band 2 Skin

Microsoft Band 1 was clearly a first iteration of a wearable device. As a fitness device, you expected it to be a bit more durable, except it turned out that it was ironically susceptible to sweat corrosion. Additionally, due to its rigidness, the battery compartments would split open. Many Band 1’s were swapped within the warranty period.

Microsoft sought to fix many of the design issues with Band 1 by making the Band 2 more flexible, repositioning some of the sensors, and moving the charging connectors away from the skin and on the clasp to help eliminate direct contact with sweat.

However, I’m seeing more and more reports from folks who are experiencing splits or tears in the Band 2 skin. The battery compartments seem to be holding up this time, but the Band’s sides (thin skin membrane) are somehow starting to tear or rip.

Now, obviously the Band 2 can take a hit or two and it’s not going to rip its sides just sitting around. However, the reports are coming from owners who have used the Band for a while and suggest that the skin is wearing thin from use. I have my doubts about that, but it’s still concerning that more and more of these reports are surfacing.

From what I’m hearing, Microsoft is doing a good job replacing these without too much problem – except that the owner has to ship it back to Microsoft for review which takes about 2 weeks to get a return.

Have you experienced a rip in your Microsoft Band 2 skin? If so, how has the replacement process worked for you?

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