Band 3 Shown in Live Surface Event on Facebook?

Band 3 Shown in Live Surface Event on Facebook?

Recently, I’ve been talking about the signs that say a 3rd version of Microsoft’s fitness wearable is on the way very soon – and those signs are already pretty strong.

But, a new damning piece of evidence may have come during a Facebook Live event for the Microsoft Expert Zone when Panos Panay accidentally revealed a never before seen version of some watch-like wearable. This one appears to show a white band (or maybe it’s a “Surface” material composite) and possibly sports a pop-out screen. *ahem* - I did mention a Surface Watch earlier today in It’s about the Microsoft Health Platform, Not the Microsoft Band.

It’s interesting to watch Panos get so caught up in his soliloquy that he lifts his sweater sleeve to reveal the wristlet, but then quickly and almost shamefully (watch his eyes) lower the sleeve after realizing what he had done. Or, I guess you could take it another way - maybe Panos, who is always the showman, did it on purpose...

Here, we’ve captured the good parts. Let me know what you think…

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