Windows Azure Pack Firewall Port Requirements

Windows Azure Pack Firewall Port Requirements

The Windows Azure Pack is a set of Azure technologies that installs locally, to enable communication between your local datacenter and Microsoft's Cloud. It works with Windows Server 2012 R2 and System Center 2012 R2 to provide a gateway to enable a true Hybrid Cloud environment. But, like anything that involves communication flow, it also requires specific network ports to be open at the firewall.

When the Windows Azure Pack installs, it will automatically open the necessary firewall ports it needs to function. Some of the ports you may be comfortable with, but some you may not, based on your security practices and policies. It's useful to know the specific firewall port to Azure Pack service in the event you want to customize communications, or if you suspect there might be dangerous, unwanted traffic flowing across the network.

Here's the list of Azure Pack services and the firewall ports required for each to function:

You can read more about the Windows Azure Pack and download it for free from the Server and Cloud Platform web site: Windows Azure Pack

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