What is Azure Storage Explorer?

What is Azure Storage Explorer?

Q. What is Azure Storage Explorer?

A. Azure Storage Explorer is a free tool from Microsoft that is available on Windows, Mac and Linux and as the name suggests provides a graphical environment to browse and perform actions against Azure Storage accounts. Unlike most other storage explorer tools that integrate with Azure, the tool primarily uses an account to authenticate with Azure and then shows the subscriptions that account has rights to then the storage accounts in the selected subscriptions. This is simpler than having to add each storage account by name and account key (although that is also available as an option as well).

The tool is available at http://storageexplorer.com/ and once installed authenticate with an Azure AD or Live ID and by default all storage accounts from all subscriptions you have access to will be displayed. You can easily upload and download content in addition to performing server-side asynchronous copy operations.

To add additional accounts select the Settings icon in the navigation pane and from the account dropdown select Add an account.... You can also change the subscriptions to be displayed by checking/unchecking then clicking Apply.

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