Treat Windows Azure BLOBs Just Like Regular Files

Treat Windows Azure BLOBs Just Like Regular Files

In an earlier post I talked about what BLOBs are in relation to Windows Azure and how there are two distinct types of BLOBs. Each BLOB is optimized for a specific file type. You can read that here: Understanding the Windows Azure BLOB Storage Service.

In doing some research into various options for managing BLOBs stored in Windows Azure, I came across a hugely useful utility called Azure Explorer. I'm sure many of you are utilizing this already and I'm just catching up, but in the event some weren't already aware of the super cool tool, Azure Explorer is a free download.

What It Does

Azure Explorer, by Cerebrata, brings a Windows Explorer-type interface to Windows Azure BLOB storage. It connects with your Windows Azure account and creates a familiar directory tree showing all the BLOBs you have stored in the Microsoft Cloud. And, using the same similar Windows Explorer feel, you can search BLOBs, transfer BLOBs between different storage accounts, use drag-and-drop, copy and paste, rename, move and delete, create new BLOB containers, and many more functions.

The free download is located here:  Azure Explorer - a free Windows Azure storage tool


Incidentally, Cerebrata has a few other Windows Azure products that you might want to check out, including a full Azure Management Studio.


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