Tour a Microsoft Datacenter to learn more about the Microsoft Cloud

Tour a Microsoft Datacenter to learn more about the Microsoft Cloud

The Microsoft Cloud is just another computer but this is unlike any computer you have ever seen!

A running joke when it comes to cloud computing and services is that the cloud is just someone else's computer.

This is quite accurate however, the computers that are hosting your cloud storage and providing you other services from Microsoft are housed in massive datacenters around the world and they are cities unto themselves with power, water, cooling and other physical services to keep everything up and running.

Since there is so much data in these facilities it is near impossible to get inside of them for a tour however, Microsoft webcast series called Modern Workplace will begin their third season of webinars next week and they are offering everyone a chance to watch Data Defense: An insider look at your secure cloud for a VIP-access tour of a Microsoft datacenter.

"We talked with Doug Hauger, general manager of the National Cloud Programs, to explain the scale and professionalism that Microsoft brings to its datacenters for the benefit of Microsoft’s cloud customers. Hauger explained how Microsoft builds multiple datacenters in every region to provide a level of scale and redundancy that other cloud providers can’t match. Microsoft also invests in redundant power and multiple network connections at each datacenter. With more than 100 datacenters in 34 regions, Microsoft has the scale to meet almost any need a customer could have. Microsoft is also the industry leader from a compliance and certification standpoint on both a global and local level."

All you need to do for access to the behind the scenes tour of this datacenter is register for next week's Modern Workplace webinar about The Privacy Balance: Staying secure and ethical with your data.

Here is a sneak peek into the datacenter tour:

This sounds like a good series to watch on a regular basis for IT Pros and Managers.

But, wait...there's probably more so be sure to follow me on Twitter and Google+.


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