Top Reasons to Trust Microsoft's Cloud

Top Reasons to Trust Microsoft's Cloud

You might be considering adding a Cloud option for your infrastructure, or you could be deep into your implementations and wondering if you've made the right selection of a provider. Its common knowledge that Microsoft has been steadily building its Cloud presence on a massive scale. It's hard to go a week without hearing about new features, new offerings, or expansion in some area or another.

Microsoft has also been very vocal over privacy and security, taking to public forums and legal fights to emphasize what the company believes is important in the new Cloud economy. It seems the company has worked equally as hard at developing guidelines for safe passage as it has on building out its solutions and Azure datacenters.

But, it's difficult to learn exactly where Microsoft has made inroads into Cloud policy and where its focus is leading. And, really, this is true for any Cloud provider.

Fortunately, Microsoft has now provided a 10-point document that bullet-points areas of customer concern to help get a better understanding of why Microsoft should be trusted as a Cloud partner. It also includes embedded links to Microsoft web site pages where you can learn more about the specific areas that are important to you when comparing options. It makes a great first stop when choosing a Cloud provider.

The document includes the following (and more):

  • Transparency
  • Data privacy and security
  • Continuous compliance
  • Contract terms
  • SLA performance
  • Protection against government and law enforcement requests of data
  • Encryption

You can download it for yourself here: Top 10 reasons to trust Microsoft in the cloud

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