StorSimple Renamed to Azure StorSimple, Gets Big Refresh in August

StorSimple Renamed to Azure StorSimple, Gets Big Refresh in August

I attended a briefing last week on Microsoft's re-envisioning of the StorSimple Hybrid Cloud appliance that it acquired in October 2012. Available this coming August, Microsoft is introducing the StorSimple 8000 Series Hybrid Storage Arrays. Designed to provide cost savings in storage and data protection, the StorSimple appliance delivers primary storage, archive and disaster recovery services. I've reviewed this product before (and probably will again) and have been amazed by demos showing how valuable it is. StorSimple is a true Hybrid storage and DR solution that no one else comes close to matching. It's truly one of the hidden gems in Microsoft's vault. With the launch of the 8000 series on August 1, Microsoft is proving they understand the needs of customers who are destined to keep much of their data management in a controlled, in-house environment.

Here's what you can expect from the new 8000 series:

  • Microsoft Azure StorSimple Manager. Azure StorSimple Manager consolidates management for all of a customer’s Azure StorSimple 8000 series arrays and StorSimple Virtual Appliances. Administrators use the manager to centrally control all aspects of StorSimple storage and data management, so they can ensure consistent operations and data protection/retention policies across the enterprise.
  • Microsoft Azure StorSimple Virtual Appliance. The StorSimple Virtual Appliance drives agility by enabling customers to access their on-premises enterprise data in Microsoft Azure. This empowers customers to, for example, easily run dev/test and searches with their on-premises data.
  • Larger, more powerful systems. The Azure StorSimple 8000 series systems have larger on-premises capacity, more powerful processors, higher network connectivity and more optimized algorithms.

The StorSimple appliances help to explain the rumor Mary Jo Foley talked about yesterday. These appliances, built on Azure, will be manufactured and supplied by Microsoft and offered to large enterprises through partners. More details on this arrangement will be provided during Microsoft's Worldwide Partner Conference 2014 next week.

The StorSimple 5000/7000 series will still be offered as a cloud storage appliance, but will not support Microsoft Azure StorSimple Manager and the Microsoft Azure StorSimple Virtual Appliance.

Some benefits of the new Azure-infused appliance:

  • 40-60% lower TCO versus traditional enterprise storage
  • Data growth management
  • Automated data protection and highly efficient disaster recovery
  • Pivot from infrastructure management to innovation

To learn more about StorSimple and request a demo, go here: StorSimple Hybrid Cloud Storage

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