Run Apps from Azure on Any Device Using Microsoft RemoteApp

Run Apps from Azure on Any Device Using Microsoft RemoteApp

One of the biggest drawbacks of BYOD (besides security) is the ability for corporate users with personal devices to use company assigned applications. In the past, to get access to company applications, users of iOS and Android would need to set the device aside and logon to a company-supplied PC to gain access to critical business applications. In like respect, when companies hired contractors or seasonal workers, or even needed to give vendors access to the on-premise infrastructure, a company-owned PC would need to be supplied and proper access granted.

As part of a round of product announcements at TechEd 2014, Microsoft unveiled the Microsoft RemoteApp preview. The RemoteApp name pretty much tells the tale for what this new service offers. Business applications are installed to run in Microsoft Azure and then a client piece is installed to give access to workers on various platforms. With the client installed, laptop, tablet, and smartphone users can access the applications running in the Cloud and use them as if they were actually running locally. The client is available for Windows, Mac OS X, iOS, and Android.

To get access to the preview, you'll need to grab the client from here: Microsoft RemoteApp

A Microsoft account is required.

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