Resource: Microsoft Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS) Click Through Demos

Resource: Microsoft Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS) Click Through Demos

Ever just want to demo a feature of Microsoft's Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS) to your boss, a client or anyone else and would prefer to avoid having to spin up a dedicated machine for the demo?

If you are part of the Microsoft Partner Network (MPN) you can take advantage of a collection of click through demos that will let you show off the services features without all the extra work.

These demos are downloaded in a compressed archive and there is a single executable file in that download that you can run for the click through demo. Note: They do require the installation of DemoMate Player and its pre-requisites before you can run the demos.

Here are the available click through demos for EMS:

Advanced Threat Analytics

Detecting Cyber Threats with ATA


Azure Active Directory Premium

User Single Sign On experience with Azure Active Directory Premium


Azure Active Directory Premium

Using Multi-Factor Authentication for device-based authentication on an unknown iPad


Azure Rights Management Service (RMS)

Rights Management Service document encryption, tracking and revocation



Managing Office Mobile with Mobile Application Management on device with Mobile Device Management



Customer iPad enrollment experience with Intune



Securing email on an iPad with Intune


Note: All of the above links are direct downloads from the MPN site and do require a sign-in with your MPN account. You can apply to join the MPN here.

Source: EMS Click Through Demos


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