Prepping for AzureCon Coverage

Prepping for AzureCon Coverage

AzureCon happens today. AzureCon is Microsoft’s first virtual conference pertaining to Azure and the company’s Azure services. Scott Guthrie will kick-off the event with a keynote on the Journey to the Intelligent Cloud, and will be followed by several other Microsoft representatives including Bill Staples, T.K. Rengarajan, Jason Zander, and others. The sessions are delivered in small, manageable chunks, hoping to lure in attendees and keep them engaged.

In the lead-up to the event, Microsoft has released some news that will be covered in further detail during today’s proceedings.

Yesterday, the company announced some improvements and enhancements to Azure Data Lake.

Today, Microsoft has made available more preparatory news to ensure attendees are ready to participate:

  • Azure IoT Suite available for purchase – Azure IoT Suite will introduce preconfigured solutions that enable companies to quickly start and scale IoT projects to address common business needs such as: remote monitoring, asset management and predictive maintenance. Microsoft also announced Microsoft Azure Certified for IoT.

  • Azure Container Service – Enabling customer choice across the ecosystem, the Azure Container Service combines the openness of Apache Mesos and Docker with the hyper-scale of Azure for container orchestration and management.

  • Azure Security Center – A centralized resource that provides broad visibility and control, so customers can stay ahead of cybersecurity threats and respond quickly and easily. 

  • India Data Center – Following CEO Satya Nadella’s initial announcement in September 2014, Microsoft is now offering cloud services from three new regions in India, making Microsoft the first global public cloud provider in India.

  • N- series Azure Virtual Machines – A new family of Azure VMs powered by NVIDIA GPUs and ideal for compute and graphics-intensive workloads, providing the highest-end graphics support available in the cloud today.

Attend AzureCon here:

Live keynotes begin at 9:00am PDT.

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