Oracle on Windows Azure Gets Real

Oracle on Windows Azure Gets Real

Announced in June 2013, Microsoft and Oracle announced the intent to partner, giving Oracle software the ability to run in a Windows Azure environment. Today, exactly three months to the day, as part of Oracle OpenWorld, Microsoft is unveiling the first-step results of that partnership.

In Oracle OpenWorld 2013: Oracle’s Mission-critical Software and Microsoft’s Enterprise-grade Cloud, Oracle OpenWorld keynoter and Corporate VP at Microsoft, Brad Anderson, has made the announcement public and delivered the details about the Windows Azure-enabled Oracle solution.

Starting today, you can jump out to a new Windows Azure web address and try Oracle Software. If you own a license already, you can simply use that. If you're just wanting to try Oracle software that you are interested in, but don't currently own, you can spin up a Virtual Machine that has a license already integrated.

If you are already a Windows Azure subscriber, Oracle's Java, Database, and WebLogic products are now available in the Windows Azure image gallery.

The link is here:  Try Oracle Software on Windows Azure

To fulfill the announcement, publicly, Brad Anderson takes the keynote stage at Oracle OpenWorld around 1:30pm PST. If you happen to miss it, or can't watch at that time, it will be available On Demand shortly after.

The Oracle OpenWorld live feed can be accessed here: Oracle OpenWorld Live Keynotes

Brad states that he is the very first Microsoft executive ever to deliver a keynote at Oracle OpenWorld, so I'm sure this is great for his ego. But, truly, it will be exciting to see Larry Ellison and Brad Anderson on the stage together. For now, you can click the following link to just view them on the same page: Cloud Keynote


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