Microsoft Successfully Lures Another MVP into the Pro-Cloud Army

Microsoft Successfully Lures Another MVP into the Pro-Cloud Army

A good friend and long-time Microsoft System Center MVP, Cameron Fuller, admitted something shocking this week. Despite carrying his MVP status for years, he's been one of those people fighting the Cloud at every turn. But recent events have Cameron second-guessing his stance on the Cloud—specifically the Microsoft Cloud.

Cameron was recently tasked with writing a whitepaper about the Cloud, but to do so, he had to really take a step back and reevaluate his beliefs. Digging into research and getting a more firm grasp on how far Microsoft's Cloud development has come, he has come to conclusions that have surprised even him.

Once Cameron had all the facts in front of him, he changed his attitude on what the Cloud is, the value that the Cloud brings, and what the future is for all of us. In the whitepaper, released today in cooperation with Savision, Cameron puts his thoughts and new ideas together. If you're a Cloud disbeliever, the paper is definitely something you'll want to take the time to read.

In the whitepaper, Cameron speaks plainly and truthfully about his new perception. Covering the Cloud from the System Center perspective, he makes a clear case for investigating today's Cloud offerings. Things have definitely changed in a very short time. Cameron suggests that the Cloud is not our enemy, but a tool, and that all IT Pros should move forward and attempt to learn how the Cloud will ultimately affect their professional careers. Cameron says, "The concern of the impact of the Cloud on the number of jobs in the IT industry is valid."

The whitepaper is available for download after filling out a brief contact form: Whitepaper: The road to the Cloud


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