Microsoft Says AWS is a Bridge to Nowhere

Microsoft Says AWS is a Bridge to Nowhere

In a public-facing competitive marketing effort, Microsoft is starting to ramp up the us-versus-them approach to explain the differences between Azure and AWS.

In a newly release video, a Microsoft spokes model gives a concise, 2 minute pitch outlining how AWS is not the right choice for business for a number of reasons, but primarily because Amazon is a proprietary service not architected to support the Hybrid Cloud.

The video accompanies a new Azure-versus-AWS campaign web site that goes further into the distinctions including security and privacy.

Microsoft has attempted campaigns like this in the past. Remember being Scroogled? But, with this promotion, at least, much of what Microsoft is saying makes sense. It will be interesting to see if Amazon provides a rebuttal campaign. Azure has been steadily gaining on AWS, which is still the clear leader in the Cloud space. As we know from a recent commentary, if sales numbers were the clear factor for success, Microsoft would be in the driver's seat. Unfortunately, the try-before-you-buy approach could be costing Microsoft in return customers.


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