Microsoft Rolls Out the Cloud OS Network

Microsoft Rolls Out the Cloud OS Network

What is a Cloud OS Network?

First off, it's important to understand what a Cloud OS is, right? Microsoft is invested heavily in the next marketing "thing" where the company is putting forth their latest operating system (Windows Server 2012 R2) and beyond as the underlying technology that the Cloud will run on. If Microsoft can sell the industry on their Cloud OS platform (Windows Server, Hyper-V, System Center, and the Windows Azure Pack) they can ensure that the company's future is secure.

Obviously, it's an important message for Microsoft. In a crowded world of Cloud competition, there has to be a standout. Unfortunately, Amazon and Google tend to get all the media glory and very little of the scrutiny. When there's an Amazon or Google outage, it makes the daily news. When Microsoft experiences an outage for any of its services, the news seems to shape the next few weeks. So, Microsoft has quite an uphill battle convincing the industry that it has the right tools, message, and technologies. They can't do it alone.

Microsoft has long been an advocate of partnerships and has built and maintained strong partner networks. It's one of the company's best assets. So, to help expand the Cloud platform, Microsoft has enlisted more than 25 Cloud service providers to help push the Cloud OS into more than 90 markets worldwide.

You can read more about the new Cloud OS Network and get a look at the arrangement of partners at the newly christened web site: The Cloud OS Network

The Cloud OS Network
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