Microsoft Opens Azure Datacenter to Brazil South Region

Microsoft Opens Azure Datacenter to Brazil South Region

Microsoft's expansion into global markets continues. Joining recent datacenter expansions in Japan and China, the company has now extended its Azure reach to the Brazil South region. The public unveiling comes after a few weeks of public preview.

The new expansion helps demonstrate Microsoft’s commitment to increasing growth and helping customers access the power of the cloud, in Brazil and around the world. It's also a commitment introduced as part of a strategy to work around what Microsoft (and others) perceives as a disappointing stance on surveillance reforms by the Obama administration. Many countries have laws that protect the export of electronic data so proliferating datacenters across the globe ensures that regional laws are maintained and not broken.

During the preview, Microsoft saw strong adoption for Azure in Brazil. Notable companies already subscribing to Azure services include credit rating company Boa Vista Servicos, business management software provider Totvs, computing systems provider SiplanControl-M, and e-commerce website platform Shop Delivery.

Azure saw another 150 percent growth in the last quarter alone, with more than 1,000 new customers signing up for the service each day.

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