Microsoft Azure Machine Learning: Fixing Today's Problems Yesterday

Microsoft Azure Machine Learning: Fixing Today's Problems Yesterday

What if we could know the potential for future events and do something now to prevent disaster? Based on theories of time stream continuity promoted by Science Fiction, what would the impact actually be? We've all experienced, through movies, television, and books how accidental time travelers have to be extremely careful not to alter timelines in the past, but what if the future could be accurately and predictively modified today?

That's a piece of what Microsoft is promoting with a coming new Azure Preview service called Microsoft Azure Machine Learning.

Powered by predictive analytics, Azure Machine Learning can help prevent malfunction through predictive maintenance. The technology allows the development of adaptive applications that companies can take advantage of to harness Big Data for things like accurate retail stocking, fraud protection, better health diagnosis, or even more accurate weather forecasting. The value prospects are endless.

Let's hope that Microsoft is the first to use it to predict a better, more approachable and friendlier service name.

Learn more and sign-up to be notified when the Preview is available:

The Preview is scheduled to go live in July 2014.

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