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Microsoft Adds More Management Services to Azure Monitor in Azure Government Service

Last week Microsoft's Tom Keane, head of Global Infrastructure for Microsoft Azure announced that the Redmond company has expanded the tools available in the Azure Monitor service on Microsoft Azure.

These new tools allow end users using Azure Government to more easily and thoroughly track data on the performance of the organizations cloud related services by using the Azure Government Portal or APIs to dive into details provided by monitoring metrics and various logs.

"Azure Monitor provides you the ability to configure alert rules to get notified or to take automated actions on issues impacting your resources. Azure Monitor enables analytics, troubleshooting, and a unified dashboarding experience within the portal, in addition to enabling a wide range of product integrations via APIs and data export options."

Included in this update are new alert and notification choices that will make you aware of issues with key Azure service health.

Most government agencies have strict compliance requirements when it comes to the data they work with and according to Microsoft these changes help with that as well:

"The centralized logging and alerting helps achieve compliance with many NIST SP 800-53 security controls that support CJIS, FedRAMP, and the DoD compliance requirements. The data from Azure Monitor can be queried, archived, or analyzed to provide an audit trail and meet key monitoring controls."

You can learn more at the Azure Monitor Documentation portal and the Azure Government Monitoring & Management site.


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