Maximum Number of Disks to Configure with VMware InMage Scout Master Target Server

Q: I noticed that a Master Target Server for InMage Scout in a VMware replication scenario supports up to 59 disks; is it OK to use all 59?

A: The Azure Site Recovery replication channel using InMage Scout has several components, as I outlined in my first InMage Scout FAQ. The Master Targer Server has the disks mounted for the replica virtual machines and writes all the changes. The Master Target Server is a VMware virtual machine that mounts the disks to write to; VMware supports 60 virtual SCSI disks (minus 1 for the OS). Each Master Target Server supports only a certain number of connected disks (in this case 59). Although you could use all 59 slots, I advise limiting the number to 50 disks per Master Target Server. This allows the remaining slots to be used during test failovers in a non-disruptive way. (This clones a VMDK, which requires connecting to the Master Target Server.)

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