Learn the administrative roles available in Azure as part of an Enterprise Agreement

Learn the administrative roles available in Azure as part of an Enterprise Agreement

Q. What are the administrative roles available for Azure as part of an Enterprise Agreement?

A. If you have an Azure commitment as part of an Enterprise Agreement there are additional administrative roles available beyond the standard subscription owner and co-administrator roles. The picture below shows an example of a possible hierarchy which uses the 4 administrative roles available.

  • Enterprise Administrator - Has the rights to add additional Enterprise Administrators, Department Administrators, Departments and even associate accounts to the enrollment. An Enterprise Administrator can view usage and charges across all accounts and subscriptions.
  • Department Administrator - Can edit their assigned department details such as name and cost center, manage the department administrators and create accounts under the department within the enrollment and view department charges (if allowed by the Enterprise Administrator).
  • Account Owner - Can create subscriptions under the account and manage the subscriptions Service Administrator and Co-Administrators. Usage data for the account can be viewed and charges (if enabled by the Enterprise Administrator).
  • Service Administrator - Access and manage subscriptions they are assigned to.

A you can see, there are a number of different administrative levels to enable very granular administration and also granularity of billing.

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