How to View Resources Supported by Azure Resource Manager

How to View Resources Supported by Azure Resource Manager

Here's the easiest way to view the resources supported by Azure Resource Manager.

Q. How can I view the resources supported by Azure Resource Manager?

A. The easiest way to view the resources supported by Azure Resource Manager is to view the providers using the command below (once you are in ARM mode):


As shown in the example below this will show all the providers and the resource types supported.

PS C:\> get-azureprovider

ProviderNamespace               RegistrationState ResourceTypes                                                                                         
-----------------               ----------------- -------------                                                                                         
Microsoft.Automation            Registered        {automationAccounts, automationAccounts/runbooks, operations}                                         
microsoft.backup                Registered        {BackupVault}                                                                                         
Microsoft.Batch                 Registered        {batchAccounts}                                                                                       
microsoft.cache                 Registered        {Redis, checkNameAvailability, RedisConfigDefinition, Redis/metrics...}                               
microsoft.classiccompute        Registered        {domainNames, checkDomainNameAvailability, domainNames/slots, domainNames/slots/roles...}             
microsoft.classicnetwork        Registered        {virtualNetworks, reservedIps, quotas, gatewaySupportedDevices...}                                    
microsoft.classicstorage        Registered        {storageAccounts, quotas, checkStorageAccountAvailability, storageAccounts/services...}               
Microsoft.Compute               Registered        {availabilitySets, virtualMachines, virtualMachines/extensions, virtualMachines/diagnosticSettings...}
microsoft.insights              Registered        {components, webtests, queries, alertrules...}                                                        
Microsoft.KeyVault              Registered        {vaults, vaults/secrets}                                                                              
Microsoft.Network               Registered        {virtualNetworks, publicIPAddresses, networkInterfaces, loadBalancers...}                             
Microsoft.OperationalInsights   Registered        {workspaces, storageInsightConfigs, linkTargets, operations}                                          
microsoft.siterecovery          Registered        {SiteRecoveryVault}                                                                                   
Microsoft.Storage               Registered        {storageAccounts, operations, checkNameAvailability, storageAccounts/services...}                     
Microsoft.Web                   Registered        {sites/extensions, sites/slots/extensions, sites/instances, sites/slots/instances...}                 
Microsoft.ADHybridHealthService Registered        {services, configuration, agents, reports}                                                            
Microsoft.Authorization         Registered        {roleAssignments, roleDefinitions, classicAdministrators, permissions...}                             
Microsoft.Features              Registered        {features, providers}                                                                                 
Microsoft.Resources             Registered        {subscriptions, subscriptions/providers, subscriptions/operationresults, resourceGroups...}           
Microsoft.Scheduler             Registered        {jobcollections, operations}                                                                          
Microsoft.Sql                   Registered        {operations, locations, locations/capabilities, checkNameAvailability...}                             
microsoft.visualstudio          Registered        {account, account/project}    

Sometimes it is possible for a providers' information to become stale, so if you believe the resource types are not up to date, you can force an update by re-registering the provider using:

Register-AzureProvider -ProviderNamespace <namespace name, e.g. Microsoft.Network>

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