How to Configure the Scout Replication Interval

How to Configure the Scout Replication Interval

There is a configurable option, but it's not as flexible as other solutions are.

Q. Can I configure the Scout replication interval from VMware/physical to Azure?

A. There is no customizable interval for replication using the Scout technology (in contrast with Hyper-V Replication, which has a customizable replication interval of 30 seconds, 5 minutes or 15 minutes). Scout replicates on an "as soon as possible" continuous basis. The only configurable option is to configure a Recovery Point Objective (RPO) violation time alert that will notify if that RPO is violated. For example, if the RPO is set for 5 minutes and that replication is falling behind 5 minutes, you would be notified. However, there is no way to request it only replication every 5 minutes.

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