HDInsight Gets an Upgrade and Minor Updates

HDInsight Gets an Upgrade and Minor Updates

Updated on June 24, HDInsight received some minor improvements. For those previewing the service, here is what you can expect to see:

  • HDInsight 3.1 (HDP 2.1) is now generally available and is the default version for new clusters.
  • HBase clusters, which are available in preview, can now be created in just 3 clicks from Azure Management Portal.
  • Apache Mahout is now pre-installed on HDInsight 3.1 clusters.
  • Hive queries can use Tez in HDInsight 3.1 to gain substantial performance improvements.

HDInsight is Microsoft's Azure-based Apache Hadoop service that provides for storing large amounts of unstructured data from a multitude of diverse resources that can be processed and analyzed in minutes.

You can find out more about the service here and sign up for a free trial: Microsoft Azure HDInsight

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