Hands On - Microsoft Azure Storage Explorer


If your organization uses Microsoft's Azure Storage then you are likely very familiar with the Azure web portal for managing your storage.

However, many people do not realize there is also a software utility from the Azure Tools team that gives you direct access and management of your Microsoft Azure Storage.

This tool, appropriately called the Microsoft Azure Storage Explorer, looks like your standard file manager but you can access all kinds of management settings for your storage files including permissions, upload, download etc.

This June update to the software implements easier sign in by using your Microsoft Account and password that you use on Microsoft Azure although options still exists for using account names and keys.

You can read all the details about this update at the official Microsoft Azure blog and visit http://storageexplorer.com/ to grab the download.

By the way, I want to also mention that this tool is available on OS X, Linux and Windows desktops/tablets.

This gallery will show you the utilities interface and some of the menus/options that are accessible.


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